NUCLEON is uniquely positioned with the legacy of excellence in patient safety with SOP’s driven safety process as per regulatory requirements. With use of advanced technologies, we optimize process for ICSR Processing, signal detection, PSUR, RMP, REMS & PVMF

Flexible Engagement

We have flexible engagement model design especially for you & your Clinical Development also we are dedicated towards bringing value added services & solution to our customers.
Tailoring your needs: We are focused on providing customized solutions and strive to continually provide a unique and innovative approach to cut through the core of your needs.

Experienced People

We have experienced people fortified with exceptional leadership in key therapeutic areas and clinical development solutions around the world.

Collaborative Approach

Our teams personalize & collaborative approach will keep everything working together seamlessly so you can focus on your trial outcomes.

Quality and Affordability

Around 60% reduction in overall operational cost achieved through economies of scale and 100% compliance adherence and increased case entry quality.

Medical Devices
Active Post Marketing Surveillance
Phase IV for FDCs
Phase III for FDCs
Investigators Initiated Clinical Trials
Real-world evidence